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  1. Unveiling All About Empty Leg Flights

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    Discover the world of aviation splendor and extravagance with a secret. For those whose spirits ascend at the notion of flying luxury flights, the allure of private jet travel is undeniable. Though it may sound like a daydream for many, in the realm of empty-leg flights, this aspiration takes form effectively. Empty-leg flights, also recognized as “ferry flights” are the well-preserved enigma of the private jet industry, presenting travelers with an extraordinary chance to encounter opulent travel devoid of the hefty price label.

    What is an empty-leg flight?

    Flights often get booked one way and have to reposition to its home base. These flights often may be flying for business or private functions and may have to fly back empty if the passenger has a concrete return schedule. These returning empty flights or ‘empty leg flights’ are often an opportunity for savvy travelers to enjoy a first-class flying experience.

    Empty-leg flights the new trend

    Flying private comes with its own benefits of being luxurious, comfortable, and time-efficient. But as a high-cost option, these private jets/charters are often a secondary choice.  As the airline and charter industries grow with time, empty-leg flights have grown to fame and preference.

    Who can prefer empty-leg flight services?

    For a traveler with a flexible schedule of travel, deadhead flights or empty-leg flights are a great and amusing option to make. Imagine a 50 % – 70%  reduction in cost and availing a luxury flight and all its amenities.  For those who fancy a joyous ride on luxury flights, empty-leg flights are always the best option.

    Who can help you to get this golden opportunity –

    Utilize private jet brokers

    Private jet brokers are those professionals specialized in chartering private aircraft, including empty-leg flights. They have access to a network of operators and can help you find available empty leg openings.

    Online websites and apps

    Numerous websites and apps are currently providing information and listings of empty-leg flights.

     Private jet operators and charter companies

    Many private jet operators and charter companies regularly post about empty-leg flights and their schedules and they can be contacted directly. 

     Empty leg flights – Benefits and Drawbacks

    The benefits of opting for a private jet’s empty-leg flight can be your way to first-class luxury without straining your budget. Here are some other particularly unique features of empty-leg flights ;

    • A way to unique flying experience
    • Flight schedule flexibilities
    • Access to private airlines

    Empty-leg flights do have some drawbacks of being completely dependent upon the original traveler and their flight schedule. It is wise to be on beat with the private charters and change of destinations. Empty-leg flights reposition on the day of flying, with only a short window of notice, and these charters can be booked out really quickly.

    Hence, empty-leg flights are always an ideal golden opportunity to fly the elegant skies, cheaper and more enthusiastically. Browse, find your ideal ride and Bon voyage.


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    A private jet flight has always been labeled as a luxury that the rich, ultra-rich, or celebrities could afford. The idea that you need to be rich in order to afford a private flight is long and out of date. The Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has proven that the contrary is the case, and private jets have been significantly dominating air transport. Choosing an experienced operator for your journey will change the game as it helps you with the price and comfort. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before renting a private jet.

    Who Owns The Aircraft?

    Private jets are often not owned by the firms that offer them for charter. Instead, the aircraft are merely managed by the firms, which handle all aspects of maintaining the aircraft for its true owner. It is crucial to know who actually owns and operates the plane, and what their record is. Sometimes this will be an individual owner and run by a management company but, in many cases, it will be a business. The management company operating the aircraft should own a current FAA 135 Operating Certificate. Ask to see theirs, and make sure the name of the company matches up with the name on the certificate.  Customers should ask whether the operator has a safety rating, like the AOC approved by the CAA.

    After all, it’s essential that you know the aircraft comes from a legitimate source.

    Parking Protocol

    You wouldn’t need a limo anymore as a major benefit of using the private terminal at airports is free parking right outside the terminal door. Most airports also offer the perk to drive a car right up to the plane and have it waiting planeside upon arrival, rendering the airport limo pointless. One of the biggest perks of chartering a private aircraft is that you can typically drive your vehicle right up to the aircraft. You can quickly board while the crew manages the luggage and parking/storing your vehicle after you’ve taken off. Confirm the parking protocol with your chosen provider.

    Luggage Limitations

    The luggage facility will not always be the same for all aircraft depending on the size and storage facility. Many people assume that chartering a private jet means they can exceed the standard luggage limits often enforced on commercial airlines. This isn’t necessarily the case. Many private aircraft may have luggage limitations due to available storage compartments or even weight restrictions. If you’re flying alone or as a couple, you may not have to worry about how much you can bring with you, but if you’re bringing a group of people, your luggage should be a consideration.

    Food And Beverages Rules

    Unlike commercial airlines where you have to wait for the beverage cart to finally reach your aisle, most of them allow passengers on a private jet to bring their own alcohol and food on board. But some may mandate that any alcoholic beverages on the flight must be served by your designated crew. Some chartered flight companies have a list of things to be avoided like a no-red wine policy to avoid spills and stains within the cabin.  Always discuss the specific food and beverage policy with your chosen provider before your trip.

    Identifications Requirements

    One of the main highlights of flying on a private jet means you’ll never have to wait in a long airport security line or have to follow strict regulations. However, many people flying on a chartered plane don’t realize that they still have to bring proper identification when boarding the plane. For domestic trips, a driver’s license is typically sufficient. However, for international travel, you’ll need a current passport. No matter where the destination is, a vaccination certificate should be carried along in regard to the current scenario.

    Privileges for the Payer

    You can enjoy almost every luxury that you are ready to pay for. Generally, there are no reservations and the only assigned seat on a chartered plane is the one reserved for the owner of the jet or the person paying for the excursion. If you don’t fall into either one of those categories, you should wait until the person who does selects his/her seat before grabbing yours; perks of being a paying member.

    Book Early

    Booking in advance definitely has its advantages because many private crafts can be booked for travel on the same day. Giving your chosen provider as much of a heads-up as possible will grant you access to your choice in aircraft, which can make a significant impact on your overall flight experience. Business trips, family travel, and even group getaways – booking in advance means you’ll be able to select a suitable jet. Booking earlier can also make significant advantages on the prices also.

    Good Manners Or Extra Pay?

    Appreciate the fact that they’re flying on a multi-million dollar aircraft and do not treat it as a rental car. Trashed planes – whether it be from negligent passengers who frequently miss their mouth when they eat or from a pet that’s untrained to fly – are common in the industry and operators are more than happy to pass those costs along to the flyer. For any kind of unfortunate damage from your side, you will have to deal with the extra thousands in your bill. Even spilling red wine can see a massive cleaning fee slapped onto the bill at the end of the flight. Cabin attendants will often do as much as they can but some messes require professional cleaning and detailing, which doesn’t come cheap and often inconveniences the crew who may have to supervise the process, especially if away from home base.

     Is Your Jet Insured?

    This is not a factor to be overlooked. If your aircraft isn’t insured, this could cause you massive problems if anything goes wrong. Check with them for the insurance and safety certificates before you book one.

    If the operator has insurance, they should have received a Certificate of Insurance. On the certificate, you’ll be able to see the tail number of the aircraft. Ask to see the certificate and make sure the numbers match up.

    Be Flexible And Pay Wisely

    When the whole private jet thing can cost thousands, even just a few minutes of extra flying can add up to the final bill. If you can deal with the aircraft’s home base – even if it means driving to a further airport – can easily save thousands by saving on repositioning costs, extra landing and airport fees, and additional fuel.

    Even more, savings can be made in the final bill when it comes to one-way flights or empty legs, where a plane is already scheduled to fly a given route and the operator can sell the flight cheaper since the aircraft is heading in that direction.

    Cheaper Isn’t Always Reliable!

    Even though we tend to go and often request the cheapest and smallest aircraft that can perform the mission to save money, cheap doesn’t always mean bad, it can mean using a less reliable operator. A frequent problem is having an aircraft experience mechanical issues, making it useless for a trip. If a backup aircraft is not available, a recovery option can often cost extra with any savings gained by picking the initial cheaper option and causing you a very uncomfortable and stressful journey.


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    What if you could fly from one destination to the other with no long queue, no airport security, no crying babies, and no chattering of the co-passengers? Seems better right?  Chartering a private flight may seem like an extravagance, but weighing the benefits against the costs, you may find that paying a little extra is worth the freedom, privacy, and convenience that come along with it.

    Chartering a private jet gives you the freedom to fly wherever and whenever you want, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. And while the experience of flying private is undeniably plush, the benefits cover so much more than luxury.

    Convenience Of The Passenger

    Private charter travel gives you the convenience that a commercial flight can’t replicate, like unsuitable departure times or a narrow selection of airport destinations which might create a stressful travel experience. Even if you are running late your private jet can delay the departure until you arrive, which means you can schedule a departure time most suitable for you. Also, the charter companies have access to a larger number of airports than the airlines, hence a quicker trip and lesser hours of road travel.

    Freedom Of Scheduling

    The very first benefit of hiring private jet charters is the freedom of scheduling. Unlike conventional airlines, private air charters provide full freedom to choose the schedule of the flight. These flights can be ready to board in less than 24 hours and can work around your work schedule – instead of you working around an airline’s schedule.

    No More Missing Flights

    No more worries about missing your flight, as it is you who has set the time of the flight, and you can alter it also if you need to. Also, there is no chance that a flight is delayed. Aircraft charters are singularly for your service, and they wait for your arrival before the take-off.

     Security And Privacy For The Passengers

    The best part is the security and privacy issues are solved meticulously with air charter services. Luggage loss is a major problem in scheduled aviation, but with private air charters, you are sorted.

    If you are traveling with your colleagues and want to discuss some plans, or want to practice for a seminar or a presentation, you have the luxury of utmost privacy. Also if you are traveling with your family members; traveling by private jet charters would be the most stress-free, enjoyable, and relaxing way to travel!

    Simplified Security Procedures

    Airport security is generally strict. Not only are you limited in what you can take on the plane with you, but you must also endure security lines and X-ray screenings. But when you fly private, neither would you have to face that kind of scrutiny, nor are you so restricted. These security procedures are not typically as rigorous as they would be before boarding a public, commercial plane. Though procedures vary, you may not have to undergo an X-ray or bag inspection, and you may be allowed to take belongings such as large volumes of liquids with you.

    Choose Your Cuisine

    Unlike the fixed menu provided by a commercial airline, the food of your choice can be availed in a chartered private jet. Since they are singularly for your service you can have a tailor-made menu and luxuries of your will.

    Land Closer To Your Final Destination

    Worried about the traffic which delays your arrival at the destination? The charter companies have access to a number of airports that are inaccessible to airlines and hence make your trip quick and hassle-free. A private jet can land at whichever airport is closest to your destination.

    No More Lengthy Layovers

    Traveling privately means you do not have to kill time in the airport sleeping or waiting forever and a day in between the flights. To make it sound even better, you don’t have to wait for your aircraft but your aircraft waits for you.
    Take your pet along with you

    Your trip can’t get any better, right? When you have to carry your pet along and having to send them in cargo is definitely stress-inducing. And then there are some commercial flights that don’t let your pets or charge hefty fees for the same. But in a private jet, you can carry them along and your pet can enjoy the same level of comfort as you do.

    Private Lounges And Terminals

    You get to enjoy the luxurious and quiet lounges while waiting for your travel mates and once the flight is ready you can go directly and board the flight.

    Multiple Stops

    One feature that is impossible using a commercial airline is the ability to make multiple stops. A busy executive can make up to multiple destinations and can even arrive back in just one day


    The stressful and time-consuming airport procedures and problems like laborious security checks, and overbooked, delayed, or canceled flights are never a matter of concern when you choose a private jet. On top of that, your baggage will directly be loaded onto the aircraft and returned to you shortly after arrival, and hence no worries about missing your luggage.

    Pack Whatever You Want

    One huge benefit of charter flights that cannot be overlooked is the ability to travel with your entire luggage. You can make the best use of the space wholly available to you. Moreover, charter flights are generally exempted from the TSA security policies so the passenger can carry along liquids or their electronic goods and not worry about the screening procedure.

    No wonder that with these many options, facilities and luxurious travel guaranteed, aircraft charter services are attracting the eyes of many big organizations or corporate giants, but it remains a quandary as to why the general public is not motivated by these facilities. The expense is the major factor for this withdrawal, but those who know what they are paying, understand that aircraft charter services are worth every penny


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    An opulent way of journeying the skies, at Bluedot Charters we offer you a seamless, convenient, and safe private jet travel experience that adds a touch of sophistication and extreme comfort while you enjoy the pleasures of flying elite. We are happy to find the perfect jet that reflects your personal needs whether it’s a business pursuit or a family affair.

    Fly Seamless

    Along with the opportunity to indulge in a luxurious flying experience, passengers can also avoid the hassles of commercial flights.

    Fly Cozy

    Our jets come with spacious and elegantly designed interiors with plush and comfy seats offering the passengers a great deal of comfort. The seats can be reclined into beds and you can relax and revitalize as you fly to the destination of your choice.

    Fly Tranquil

    Flying private also gives you the luxe option of traveling without hindering your work productivity. The in-built Wi-fi connection lets you create your own ‘work from home’ atmosphere while you can go on with your work without any interference. Highly skilled service staff and flight crew are always ready to assist your every need.

    Fly Delish

    Each meal is an elite dining experience, whether it’s a meal or a snack, or a beverage, everything is carefully prepared by the staff.

    Fly At Ease

    The perks of ‘traveling private’ include excellent In-flight services including entertainment options, that include Wi-fi, Satellite TV, top-notch entertainment systems complete with iPhone/Android hookups, and also gaming options and reading materials.

    Fur companions are absolutely welcome to accompany you on your travels. It is advised to bring only healthy pets. You also have the luxury of bringing more baggage than you do while you travel with commercial airlines.

    Private jets are a more reliable way of traveling as you can plan your travel schedule without worrying about delayed flights, missed business meetings, or airport layovers.

    We at Bluedot Charters are partnered only with certified aircraft operators as we give utmost importance to your personal safety and convenience. From the moment you make a booking till you bid adieu, we promise you an excellent traveling experience assisted by a special team of professionals. We are happy to be of assistance 24/7, answering all your queries, while ensuring you a luxurious and safe voyage. We take pride in our excellent customer service to assist you in every way possible to meet your travel needs. Fly with us for a whole new level of luxurious and personalized fight experience.


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    Private jet journeys came as an answer to those who needed to travel despite Covid restrictions over the last 21 months. There are no absolute numbers of growth patterns and flights taken across the last two years of the pandemic, yet. But an initial survey by Knight Frank (which publishes an annual global wealth index) offers a picture of both intents to fly private and action. The survey shows that 43% of India’s ultra-wealthy travelers are more likely to consider private aviation as a permanent way to travel, with over 15% who have already boarded that private jet.

    Ultra-wealthy respondents from the United Arab Emirates (75%), Russia (71%), Nigeria (69%), Spain (60%), Canada (60%), and South Africa (60%) said they are more likely to use private aviation even after the Covid threat abates.

    While in 2020, a few Indians had been taking the flight out to holiday in India, and abroad (wherever they were allowed, particularly to Dubai), tragically, the first time Indian private jet companies saw a surge in demand was during the big surge in Covid cases, and the healthcare crisis that followed, in April this year. “It was not just the rich. Anyone who could take a private jet out took one in April before the world blocked flights from India,” says Rajan Mehra, CEO, of Club One Air, a private jet purveyor.

    Thankfully, as the crisis came under control, the second surge in jet journeys was observed sometime in September, when Indians flew, literally en masse, to the Maldives, the one country that welcomed Indian tourists with open arms. And with that, luxury hotels across Maldivian islands pulled out all stops for Indian luxury travelers.

    (Excerpted from ‘Private Jet Journeys Took Off During The Pandemic Months’ published on 01.01.22 at )

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