Chartering a flight offers a range of advantages, including the ability to personalize the itinerary, select your preferred aircraft and destination, and avoid the trouble and congestion associated with commercial airlines lacking privacy and luxurious amenities. Bluedot services has an array of benefits of chartering a flight
Mar 08, 2022
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benefits of air charter service

Fly Whenever And Wherever You Wish

What if you could fly from one destination to the other with no long queue, no airport security, no crying babies, and no chattering of the co-passengers? Seems better right?  Chartering a private flight may seem like an extravagance, but weighing the benefits against the costs, you may find that paying a little extra is worth the freedom, privacy, and convenience that come along with it.

Chartering a private jet gives you the freedom to fly wherever and whenever you want, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. And while the experience of flying private is undeniably plush, the benefits cover so much more than luxury.

Convenience Of The Passenger

Private charter travel gives you the convenience that a commercial flight can’t replicate, like unsuitable departure times or a narrow selection of airport destinations which might create a stressful travel experience. Even if you are running late your private jet can delay the departure until you arrive, which means you can schedule a departure time most suitable for you. Also, the charter companies have access to a larger number of airports than the airlines, hence a quicker trip and lesser hours of road travel.

Freedom Of Scheduling

The very first benefit of hiring private jet charters is the freedom of scheduling. Unlike conventional airlines, private air charters provide full freedom to choose the schedule of the flight. These flights can be ready to board in less than 24 hours and can work around your work schedule – instead of you working around an airline’s schedule.

No More Missing Flights

No more worries about missing your flight, as it is you who has set the time of the flight, and you can alter it also if you need to. Also, there is no chance that a flight is delayed. Aircraft charters are singularly for your service, and they wait for your arrival before the take-off.

 Security And Privacy For The Passengers

The best part is the security and privacy issues are solved meticulously with air charter services. Luggage loss is a major problem in scheduled aviation, but with private air charters, you are sorted.

If you are traveling with your colleagues and want to discuss some plans, or want to practice for a seminar or a presentation, you have the luxury of utmost privacy. Also if you are traveling with your family members; traveling by private jet charters would be the most stress-free, enjoyable, and relaxing way to travel!

Simplified Security Procedures

Airport security is generally strict. Not only are you limited in what you can take on the plane with you, but you must also endure security lines and X-ray screenings. But when you fly private, neither would you have to face that kind of scrutiny, nor are you so restricted. These security procedures are not typically as rigorous as they would be before boarding a public, commercial plane. Though procedures vary, you may not have to undergo an X-ray or bag inspection, and you may be allowed to take belongings such as large volumes of liquids with you.

Choose Your Cuisine

Unlike the fixed menu provided by a commercial airline, the food of your choice can be availed in a chartered private jet. Since they are singularly for your service you can have a tailor-made menu and luxuries of your will.

Land Closer To Your Final Destination

Worried about the traffic which delays your arrival at the destination? The charter companies have access to a number of airports that are inaccessible to airlines and hence make your trip quick and hassle-free. A private jet can land at whichever airport is closest to your destination.

No More Lengthy Layovers

Traveling privately means you do not have to kill time in the airport sleeping or waiting forever and a day in between the flights. To make it sound even better, you don’t have to wait for your aircraft but your aircraft waits for you.
Take your pet along with you

Your trip can’t get any better, right? When you have to carry your pet along and having to send them in cargo is definitely stress-inducing. And then there are some commercial flights that don’t let your pets or charge hefty fees for the same. But in a private jet, you can carry them along and your pet can enjoy the same level of comfort as you do.

Private Lounges And Terminals

You get to enjoy the luxurious and quiet lounges while waiting for your travel mates and once the flight is ready you can go directly and board the flight.

Multiple Stops

One feature that is impossible using a commercial airline is the ability to make multiple stops. A busy executive can make up to multiple destinations and can even arrive back in just one day


The stressful and time-consuming airport procedures and problems like laborious security checks, and overbooked, delayed, or canceled flights are never a matter of concern when you choose a private jet. On top of that, your baggage will directly be loaded onto the aircraft and returned to you shortly after arrival, and hence no worries about missing your luggage.

Pack Whatever You Want

One huge benefit of charter flights that cannot be overlooked is the ability to travel with your entire luggage. You can make the best use of the space wholly available to you. Moreover, charter flights are generally exempted from the TSA security policies so the passenger can carry along liquids or their electronic goods and not worry about the screening procedure.

No wonder that with these many options, facilities and luxurious travel guaranteed, aircraft charter services are attracting the eyes of many big organizations or corporate giants, but it remains a quandary as to why the general public is not motivated by these facilities. The expense is the major factor for this withdrawal, but those who know what they are paying, understand that aircraft charter services are worth every penny

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